Our Story

It was in the late 1990s when now chairman and founder of The Shalom Foundation, Steve Moore, traveled to Guatemala on a mission trip with his church. So profoundly touched and moved by the people he met on his journey, Steve returned home transformed and realized a new purpose for his life. God had opened his heart to Guatemala.

Things simply snowballed from there as the organization grew and The Shalom Foundation’s goodwill spread wider and wider.

We all make a living by what we get. But honestly, if you want to make a life, it’s by what you give.
— Steve Moore

Throughout its history, The Shalom Foundation has built homes and schools, provided education sponsorships, installed clean water systems, and much more for the people of Guatemala. However, it was after meeting a young girl named Ana when the Foundation’s mission became clear. Ana had been caught in the crossfire of a gang fight - a type of incident that is not uncommon in those parts - and would be left to live with her injuries and pain for the rest of her life. Ana’s story shed more light onto the conditions in which many Guatemalan children live and inspired a clear vision for the Foundation: to provide critical medical care to underprivileged children.

In 2011, we opened the doors to The Moore Pediatric Surgery Center in Guatemala City, improving our abilities to cleanly, safely, and effectively change the lives of children who need it. Since its inception, The Moore Center has provided healing and hope to over 6,000 children and has hosted 100+ volunteer medical and surgical teams from all across the US.