Celebrating our 100th Surgical Mission!

We’re joyfully celebrating our 100th surgical mission to Guatemala this week! This is a huge milestone in the life of our organization and we couldn’t have done it without you, our friends and partners.

What does 100 surgical missions look like? It looks like:
6,000+ surgical procedures performed
1,700+ Medical Volunteers
800+ Guatemalan Volunteers
4.7 million miles traveled
25 Permanent Moore Center Staff
1 therapy dog
Millions of in-kind hours donated by volunteers
Immeasurable lives changed. Countless prayers offered.

We kicked off the 100th mission with Dr. Brian Shaw and his orthopedic team. Celebrations will take place at The Moore Center in Guatemala City on Tuesday, March 5th. Follow along on our facebook page for pictures and updates throughout the day!

The Shalom Foundation relies on the continued generosity of others to ensure the children in Guatemala receive the surgical care they need. If you would like to donate to #100Moore missions, please click here.

Teresa Parr